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SPRANGA UNIVERSAL locking bar merchandisers

Wooden merchandisers consisting of a base and a vertical wall panel where the “Universal Spranga” locking bar is installed.

The SPRANGA locking bars installed, can be activated with the key provided (anchored with a steel chain to prevent it from getting lost).

The SPRANGA locking bars are already fitted to the vertical wall panel. The base and wall panel are easy to assemble with the few screws provided.

  • Item 4008.0601illustrates the functioning of a brown mechanical SPRANGA locking bar, shortened to 65 cm, operated by a double profile cylinder, externally protected by a brass-plated security escutcheon item 809.046. Photos of the Spranga locking bar and its main features as well as the possible applications are illustrated on the plastic-covered sections, on the base and wall panels of the merchandiser.

    Item 4008.0601.1illustrates the functioning of a grey aluminium mechanical SPRANGA locking bar, shortened to 65 cm. This shows the locking bar fitted on a door already equipped with a mortise door lock. The lock latch is operated by the SPRANGA locking bar through handle. The lock dead‑bolt is operated by a double profile cylinder, with the same key (KA) of the double cylinder that operates the SPRANGA locking bar, externally protected by a chrome-plated security escutcheon item 809.000.

  • On request:

    item 4008.0601 can be supplied already fitted with a mechanical SPRANGA locking bar of different colour (white, black or grey aluminium).

SPRANGA UNIVERSAL locking bar merchandisers

DescriptionUnit weight



  4008.0601Merchandiser with brown "Spranga" locking bar, cylinder and brass-plated security escutcheon8,4
  4008.0601.1Merchandiser with aluminium grey "Spranga" locking bar, mortise lock, 2 cylinders and chrome-plated security escutcheon10,3