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Oval security escutcheons for SPRANGA UNIVERSAL locking bar

The Viro security escutcheons (809 series) are compact, easy-to-fit and good to look at, too. They are also suitable for narrow profiles. Fitted to the SPRANGHE UNIVERSALI locking bars, providing a practical solution to make any type of profile cylinder pull- and drill-resistant.

  • Escutcheon:

    solid, chrome-plated or brass-plated steel. 5 mm adjustment to fit the cylinder projection.In the electronic UNIVERSAL SPRANGA locking bars the escutcheon has a built-in warning LED.

  • Rotating plate:

    burglar and drill-resistant, case-hardened, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome-plated steel. Plate to suit almost any profile and key shape.

  • Fitting:

    using two stainless steel screws, metric pitch (supplied) for doors with max. thickness of 70 mm.

  • Compatible:

    with all the 4008 series UNIVERSAL SPRANGA locking bars.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

Adjustment 5
Security escutcheons for SPRANGA UNIVERSAL locking bar

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