Rim door locks, SPRANGA, doorclosers, panic devices and cylinders


The UNIVERSAL SPRANGA locking bars are the ideal solution to reinforce and defend doors, shutters, French windows, roller shutters and up and over garage doors, and are attack- and drill-resistant. They can be easily fitted either horizontally or vertically, shortened or extended with a simple kit. They can function with any type of profile cylinder. Versions with incorporeted electronic burglar-alarm also available.

  • Case:

    external cover made of 1.8 mm thick painted steel, bent in a U-shape, with steel dead-bolt guides inside.

  • Heads:

    painted zamak, for deadbolt guide and fixing, also with aesthetic function to protect the ends of the case in the event of shortening.

  • Dead-bolts:

    tubular with solid steel Ø 14 mm anchoring ends. Deadbolts with 7.5 cm projection.

  • Mechanism:
    • rackwork, suitable for double or half profile cylinders, with universal or DIN 30° cam;
    • can be shortened to 65 cm by cutting the bent case and the internal tubular parts with the special accessory provided;
    • can be lengthened up to 4 metres for up and over garage doors, using the extension kit (item 4008.0410), available on request;
    • suitable for installation of a pre-existing handle (e.g. french windows) and/or for a through cylinder of a lock with hub to key 70-72-78-85-90-92 mm (adjustable centre distance).
  • Security escutcheon:

    chrome-plated (for white, grey or black SPRANGHE) or brass-plated (for brown SPRANGHE) solid steel with 5 mm adjustment to fit the cylinder projection, equipped with:

    • burglar and drill-resistant rotating plate made from case-hardened, tempered. Copper-, nickel- and chrome-plated steel;
    • stainless steel fixing screws, metric pitch, for doors with max. thickness 70 mm.
  • Strikers:

    2 painted steel for horizontal fitting, supplied with plastic spacers. Adjustable painted steel U-bolt and galvanized steel floor striker for vertical installation. Self-tapping fixing screws for fitting to wood, iron or aluminium, and expansion plugs for wall fixing.

  • Supplied with:

    (all the accessories, for any type of mounting, are provided in the package, except for SPRANGA locking bars items 4008.260 and 4008.300)

    • self-tapping screws for installation on sufficiently thick surfaces;
    • galvanized steel fixing plate with threaded pins and nuts, for installation on thin surfaces;
    • steel grub screw for fixing the cylinder on the support and relative Allen key;
    • covers with aesthetic function for the internal screws;
    • plastic escutcheons to cover the handle hole and the slot for the profile cylinder (already fitted);
    • guide accessory to shorten the SPRANGA locking bar;
    • internal cylinder escutcheons.
  • Packaging:

    single personalised tube.

  • On request:
    • versions without specific accessories groups (e.g.: without security escutcheon), deductible.
    • white (.159)
    • aluminium grey (.456)
    • brown (.163)
    • black (.205)

    Add the required colour code (.159 .456 .163 .205) to the item code. E.g. 4008.170.163 = mechanical "Universal Spranga", length 170 cm, colour brown.

  • N.B. cylinder not provided.

SPRANGA UNIVERSAL mechanical locking bar

Lock lengthUnit weight




  4008.170170 can be shortened to 655600
  4008.240240 can be shortened to 657100
__logo__no_accessori__  4008.260260 can be shortened to 656600
__logo__no_accessori____logo__comm_spec__  4008.300300 can be shortened to 657500

__logo__no_accessori__ Items supplied without accessories (ordered separately).

__logo__comm_spec__ Items handled as special order.