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MINI - MINI Electronic safe - Free standing

  • Case:

    2 mm thick steel. Through fixing holes: 2 on the back and 2 on the bottom, Ø 9.5 mm, for installation with expansion plugs in a cabinet or in the wall.

  • Frame:

    6 mm thick steel. Attack-proof steel rebated on top and bottom sides. The frame forms a one-piece body with the case, thanks to the sturdy welding around the entire perimeter.

  • Door:

    6 mm thick steel. Minimum space between door and frame to prevent insertion of burglary tools.

  • Hinges:

    hexagonal in 8 mm steel, fixed with Ø 8 mm steel pins.

  • Dead-bolts:

    horizontal nickel-plated steel, with guides Ø 15 mm.

  • Thumb turn:

    non-slip ABS with programmed breakage steel shaft: if forced, the thumb turn will break but not the mechanism, leaving no space for access by burglary tools.

  • Mechanism:
    • steel internal components, without plastic parts, to ensure maximum resistance to attack;
    • electromagnet (activator) protected by a steel plate;
    • optical open/close control sensor of the door (unlike traditional models, it is not subject to mechanical wear);
    • ADA compatible keypad with Braille markings and acoustic confirmation (sightless people are able to recognize the exact layout of the keys and their activation);
    • the layout of the keys limits typing errors;
    • emergency cylinder (when present) protected by a case-hardened and tempered burglar-resistant, anti-drill steel plate; 2 patented profile emergency keys (form trademark) , that can only be duplicated by Viro, sending a fax or an e-mail with a photo of the ownership card supplied in a sealed envelope with the keys.
  • Power supply:

    low consumption technology (4 alkaline 1.5V batteries) to extend battery life to a maximum (up to 20,000 operations with the same set of batteries).

  • Electronic board :

    protected against break-in attempts by high voltage electric shocks and against incorrectly inserted batteries (the electronic boards of most safes on the market are seriously damaged by incorrect battery insertion).

  • Connectors:

    optimized number to maximize board reliability.

  • Non-volatile memory:

    stored code is not erased if the batteries are removed.

  • Indicator LEDs:

    2 green LEDs (OK = correct operation; NEW CODE = new code entry) and 2 red LEDs (ERROR = incorrect operation; BATTERY = battery low).

  • Combination:

    accepts codes from 3 to 8 digits (100 million possible combinations). The code can only be changed when the door is open, using the COMB key on the keypad.

  • Electronic block-out:

    after 5 consecutive error codes (block lasting 15 min.)

  • Supplied with:

    internal shockproof mat.

  • Packaging:

    Personalized single box.

  • On request:

    (photos and details of the accessories)

    • inside lighting module (item 1.4383.0312) that lights up when the door is opened, for easy identification of small items inside the safe;
    • clamp set (item 4291.0758) for installing the safe in the wall.
MINI Electronic safe

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  4292160 x 250 x 255153 x 246 x 210126 x 2162-7,5