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FAI by Viro Safety cabinet - With double bit key - Modular - For guns and valuables

The 4493.TM can hold up to 5 guns and thanks to the 4 adjustable-height shelves it is also ideal for small weapons, ammunition and accessories, or documents.

  • Case:

    2 mm thick steel. Rounded edges to avoid abrasions. 4 through holes (Ø 8 mm) open on the rear for fixing to the wall with expansion plugs (supplied).

  • Door:

    3 mm thick steel, rebated on three sides, protected on the hinge side for pull-resistance. 1 mm thick steel lock cover.

  • Hinges:

    Ø 18 mm steel, fixed with steel pins (Ø 8 mm).

  • Dead-bolts:

    nickel-plated steel, rotating, resistant to attack: 3 horizontal Ø 22 mm and 2 vertical Ø 22 mm.

  • Handle:

    for moving the zamak deadbolts with polished chrome-plated finish.

  • Keys:

    nickel-plated zamak, with double bit keys, 2 supplied (item 1.070).

  • Mechanism:
    • keys removable only when the door is closed;
    • the key allows you to unlock the handle rotation and, thus, move the deadbolts;
    • -6 gorges steel lock with different, independent depth. Numerous keying possibilities;
    • 5 gun housings and 4 shelves with 15 Kg. max. capacity each, positioned by the user as required.
  • Supplied with:
    • 4 steel wall-mounting plugs;
    • set of shelves (packaged separately);
    • scratch-proof black sponge gun-butt-base and high density polyethylene barrel support.
  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:

    (photos and details of the accessories)

    • inside lighting module (item 1.4383.0312) that lights up when the safety box is opened, for easy identification of small items inside;
    • cabinet available with a technique that provides an elegant “wood effect” finish.
FAI by VIRO modular cabinet for guns and valuables with double bit key

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__logo__armadio_a_richiesta__  4493.TM4 Shelves and 5 Gun housings145 x 52 x 38127,5 x 51,5 x 32,5780,40

__logo__armadio_a_richiesta__  Cabinet available with a technique that provides an elegant “wood colour” finish (add .L at the end of the item code).