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Roller shutter and up and over door locks

Accessories for up and over doors locks

On request (for all up and over doors locks):

  • galvanized steel telescopic and tubular rods, adjustable extending from 88 to 165 cm with relative accessories;
  • pair of grip handles with 8 mm square spindle for mounting on up and over doors with thickness:
    • up to 15 mm;
    • from 16 up to 40 mm;
  • 2 mm thick case-hardened, tempered and galvanized steel internal protection plate, suitable for all types of up and over door locks on the market, both with profile or round cylinder.

E.g. fitting on up and over door of armoured lock (item 8217) with internal protection plate.

ITEM 8234.0028    

ITEM 8217.0028     

ITEM 8217.0600 ITEM 8217.0600.4 ITEM 1.8234.0465
Item No.
Single tubular rod 8234.0028 730
Pair of tubular rods 8217.0028 1492
Pair of grip handles (up to 15 mm) 8217.0600 190
Pair of grip handles (up to 40 mm) 8217.0600.4 210
Internal protection plate 1.8234.0465 1400

On request (only for multipoint to be armoured locks):

  • security escutcheon and cover plates (item consisting of):
    • 1 security escutcheon, made from carbonitrided, galvanized steel; pull-resistant and anti-drill (for mounting directly on the outside of sufficiently thick sheet metal or wooden up and over doors). With 5 mm of adjustment for adaptation to the cylinder projection.
  • Rotating burglar-resistant, anti-drill plate case-hardened, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome-plated steel. Plate with opening for any profile type and key shape.
    • 1 galvanized steel ring nut (for mounting under the escutcheon on the outside of thin up and over doors);
    • external galvanized steel plates (with 60 and 70 mm centre) to conceal pre-existing holes, with screws for fixing of lock
    • screws and washers for fixing of the escutcheon from the inside;
  • black nylon escutcheon.
ITEM 806 ITEM 2.0.4706.065.00.000
Item No.
Security escutcheon and cover plates 806 780
Nylon escutcheon 2.0.4706.065.00.000 10
outside inside



Item No.
Description Dimensions
height x width x depth
1.8234.0601.4 Merchandiser for 1.8234.4 multipoint lock, internal protection plate 1.8234.0465 and security escutcheon 806 36x30x28 5,1